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Venture Accelerator

Investing in motivated leaders with world-changing startup ideas. 

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Why Choose Us?

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We help early-stage startups scale their businesses by providing the capital and additional resources needed to succeed. 

Our internal team pushes the envelope when it comes to understanding your business.


Due to our diverse team background, we are able to provide numerous perspectives and opinions in order to hone down on a concrete and holistic understanding of your vision. 

We provide capital depending on how aggressive our clients want to scale in order to accelerate and expand operations and revenue to new heights.

Our team of experts will consult you on how much capital is appropriate, as well as, how it should be used to effectively grow.

Our team is comprised of professional consultants, financial managers, software engineers, marketers, and business developers who will share the same ambition and excitement that you have for your idea.

We also have an extensive and reputable network of angel investors and other Venture Capital firms.

How it works.

We are partners, not just investors.


Opportunity Analysis

Our team of experts will work with you to identify the problems your business can solve and how. 



In this phase, it is time to take the MVP to market in order to validate the business. We will provide access to resources, as needed, to position the brand and product for success.


Creating a Plan

We work with you to validate your ideas and together we can build a business plan and business model to execute on.



One of the biggest challenges in growing a business is managing it. We can help manage the day to day activities of the business, such as legal, accounting, finance, non-dilutive grant writing, and more


Building an MVP

The goal during this phase is to get market-ready so you can launch your business. We are able to help build your initial MVP using the initial Capital Investment.



The goal of our program is to grow your business to a point it can attract capital for growth and scalability. We will help facilitate, structure, and support the initial financing and potentially follow-on rounds. 

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Who can apply?

If you meet the following criteria below, you are qualified to receive our support.

If you are...

✅  a strong and motivated leader

✅  an initiative taker who believes in their idea

✅  a legitimate and established business owner  

✅ a forward-thinking and persistent individual

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