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With entrepreneurs and startups in mind, our Accelerator Program breaks the mold of traditional programs. Think of us as an extension to your team as we build, grow, and scale your startup.

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The Accelerator program is dynamic and we support entrepreneurs and startups throughout the various phases of growth. Our program has six phases and because we understand applicants will be at different stages, we tailor our program around the entrepreneurs and startups to maximize value. One important factor that does not change is access to investment capital.

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Phase 1: Opportunity Analysis

Our team of experts will work with you to identify the problems your business can solve and how. We will equip you with the tools needed to build a solution your consumers want and need.

Phase 3: Building an MVP

The goal during this phase is to get market-ready so you can launch your business. We are able to help build your initial Minimum Viable Product using the initial Capital Investment.

Phase 5: Managing the Business

One of the biggest challenges in growing a business is managing it. We can provide expertise and resources to help manage day to day activities of the business, such as legal, accounting, finance, non-dilutive grant writing, and more.

Phase 2: Creating a Plan

We work with you to validate your ideas and together we can build a business plan and business model to execute on.

Phase 4: Validating the Business

In this phase it is time to take the MVP to market in order to validate the business. We will provide access to resources, as needed, to position the brand and product for success.

Phase 6: Fundraising

The goal of our program is to grow your business to a point it can attract capital for growth and scalability. We will help facilitate, structure, and support the initial financing and potential follow on rounds. After fundraising, we will work with you to determine next steps.