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Growth Program

Building profitable businesses around revolutionary ideas.

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What it's all about.

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We help struggling startups deservingly dominate their consumer markets by leveraging profitable digital marketing practices.


Interview with your startup to see if you're eligible to receive funding and support from our program.


We diagnose your marketing problems and provide you with a step by step plan that will be executed by our internal team and accredited partners.


Watch your startup's consumer base accelerate and aggressively grow your funding capital and cash flows.

How it works.

We are partners, not your typical service providers.

We invest in you. 

If we see potential in your idea, Lift Accelerator will provide your company free access to our in-house marketing team. Who will strategize, develop, and execute tailored and proven digital strategies to bring your company the success it deserves.


Upfront Service cost


Digital Advertising






Web Design


Email Marketing



Our bread & butter.

Our in-house digital marketing team is comprised of expert minds that come from different backgrounds, making our team versatile and equipped with the latest knowledge needed to run a profitable campaign.   

Common avenues 


Premium Marketing Suite

Have a new product?

✅  Organic Social Media Management

✅  Paid Advertising

✅  Email Marketing 

✅  Web Building/Design (if needed)

✅ Crowdfunding 

✅ Videography and editing

✅ Copywriting


Regular Marketing Suite

Have an existing product or service?

✅  Organic Social Media Management

✅  Paid Advertising

✅  Email Marketing 

✅  Web Design/Updating (if needed)

✅ Videography and editing

✅ Copywriting

✅ Consulting for scaling

Glass Buildings
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Who can apply?

If you meet the following criteria below, you are qualified to receive our support.

If you are...

✅  a strong and motivated leader

✅  an initiative taker who believes in their idea

✅  a legitimate and established business owner  

✅ a forward-thinking and persistent individual

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