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About Us.

At Lift Accelerator, our vision is to be a leader when it comes to providing formulated success for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to disrupt ecosystems and change the world.

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Our Mission

We're focused on filling the gap of resources and capital needed within early-stage startups. With a strategic venture capital partner, we have the ability to invest in you from day one to help remove the barriers usually associated with building, launching, and scaling up. We value the importance of innovation and are always finding new ways to support entrepreneurs and their start-ups. We are currently headquartered in Calgary, but like the entrepreneurs and startups we support, we look forward to expanding. 

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Community Partners


Meet Our Director

Bryan Chow

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Director, Business Development

Bryan is a multifaceted professional with over ten years of experience working with businesses across all stages of growth. Throughout his career, he has helped support many entrepreneurs with expertise and resources. Bryan has also been an early-stage investor in several start-ups across the prairies. 

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Our Mentors


Kelly Thompson

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VP Marketing, Avanti Software

Kelly is one of those rare people who have both a keen design sense and a complete understanding of the technologies buried beneath.

He has had an incredibly successful career working at startups such as 500px, Benevity, Getty Images, and iStockphoto. Kelly currently sits on the board of Showpass


Nikki Hau

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Product Marketing Lead, Shopify

Nikki is a results-oriented product owner with product management and product marketing experience. Passionate about doing things differently and always learning.

Prior to Shopify, Nikki has held roles within Roadmunk, Indigo, Koodo, and Telus.

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